R4 Gold Pro 2020 with 32gb microsd (357 nds Roms)

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R4 Gold Pro 2020 with 32gb microsd with 357 nds roms



R4 Gold Pro 2020 – If you choose to purchase with a 32gb microsd card, it’ll come with a kingston microsd card (Preloaded with 357 high rated roms) + sd adapter, far better than generic unbranded sd cards that won’t last long. There is a viewable limit of 300nds roms for r4 cards. I chose not to stuff the sd card with junkware games and instead put all the high rated nds game I could find. On the sd card there is a folder called “Extra Roms”, I only left 299 of my highest rated roms on the root of the sd card since the viewable limit is 300. You can choose which games you want to be viewable.

If you want to request multiple games i’ll probably have to remove some currently on (I filled the microsd card to the brim with nds roms, so there isn’t much space left) high rated roms tend to be larger in file size, so 357 is the best I could do. I think I got all the pokemon, final fantasy, and rune factory games already.

Optional Sd Card – includes 357 descent to high rated nds games, if you want a specific game that’s not already on the card I can get it for you, I have a rom collection of over 40gb+ roms.

The optional kingston canvas select sd card includes the 32gb sd card and sd adapter as shown in pics, I have quite a few pics so it’ll be the last couple of images which will show the sd card I send it with.

This card is for playing nds roms, you can set up emulators to play gba, snes, etc but I don’t know much about emulators. I’ve heard emulators can be finicky.

I ship first class usps in a box so it’ll be better protected in shipping, and I print instructions to go with the r4 card. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Comes with:
1 x R4 Gold Pro 2020
1 x Usb microsd reader
1 x Instructions for setting up the card (If you purchase it with a sd card its already setup for you but you will receive instructions anyways.)
(Optional 32gb microsd card with microsd sd adapter comes preloaded 357nds roms, game list in 4 pics in the product listing shows the viewable 299 nds roms, and the 5th game list pic shows the extra 58 nds roms that’ll be in the extra roms folder)

If you choose the microsd card option it’ll be a Kingston Canvas select microsd. Check the pics in my product listing to see what it looks like.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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