Colormind is my preferred tool to generate color schemes. This app has a lot of cool features. The best feature (in my opinion) is the way they have a preview dummy website which shows what the color scheme would look like on a website. Giving a good idea of what the colors would look like if you used it.

When you click the generate button the app will generate cohesive color schemes using a deep neural net. Making this color tool extremely easy to use.

Adobe Color makes it easy to create or find color palettes that work well together. You can create color palettes with the color wheel, hex or image. This online app also gives you the option to browse thousands of color combinations for usage in Photoshop, Illustrator, websites, etc.

Paletton is as easy to use color tool. It’s great for finding color combinations that work well together. It also has a decent color generator (randomize button) with multiple options to generate colors that work well with each other if you don’t feel like trying to create a set of colors yourself.

Tip: To view the colors generated (hex code, rgb, etc), click Tables/Export… at the bottom right corner.

Color Hunt is a neat website full of premade color palettes. This color site has thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes to pick from. People can vote which ones they like, so you can easily find good ones that are top-rated.

Coolors is a easy to use color tool that generate color palettes. All you have to do is press spacebar on your keyboard to generate color schemes. If you don’t feel like generating a color scheme you can go to the explore tab and check out color schemes other people have saved. They have a filter system so you can look at the most popular color schemes people have created.

COLOURlovers is a platform where you can create and share colors, palettes, and patterns. Personally, I don’t use this site myself, but it’s ok. This website, however, has those annoying ads that popup onto your screen (video ads, bottom bar ads, etc),  so I recommend adblock for this specific site.